Head of Big Data at Levante UD and researcher and teacher on social media, data analysis and sports at the Olympic Studies Centre at the Autonomous University of Barcelona. Doctor Cum Laude, Master in Audiovisual Communication & Advertising Contents and Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism, I have been working as a Head of Data Analysis, Innovation & Technology for Spanish professional football clubs.

I have been awarded with a grant by the International Olympic Committee for a project on social media and the Olympic Movement during Rio 2016. My doctoral thesis is based on big data methods on social media to understand the strategies of the biggest sports organisations and the behaviour of their users. I have also been a speaker at conferences about sports, social media, marketing, technology and data analysis all around the world.

Research Projects

I am working in a research project called Social Networking Sites and Spanish Football: Violence, public participation and communication ecology (CSO2015-69289-R), funded by the Spanish Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness.

This research project analyses the complex communication, mechanisms of production and dissemination of violence in Spanish football through social media, and offers solutions for a better regulation and control. It also examines models of interaction with the public in major football tournaments and global sporting organisations.

Honors & Awards

PhD Students Research Grant Programme 2017 Award
The IOC Olympic Studies Centre, Lausanne (Switzerland)

22nd International Seminar on Olympic Studies for Postgraduate Students
International Olympic Academy, Olympia (Greece)


Spanish, English and Catalan.


Head of Big Data

Levante UD (LaLiga) |  July 2019 – now

Head of Data Analysis, Innovation & Technology

Extremadura UD (LaLiga 1|2|3) |  2018

Head of Data Analysis, Innovation & Technology

Córdoba CF (LaLiga 1|2|3) |  2017 – 2018

Head of Content

  • Data analysis of social media platforms of global sports organizations, mega sports events such as the Olympic Games, sponsors and professional athletes.
  • Reports, content and management for the website.
  • International conferences and seminars.

The Social Media & Global Sport Observatory | 2016 – 2017

Researcher and Teaching assistant

  • Big data analysis of social media platforms of global sports organizations, mega-events, sponsors and professional athletes.
  • Creating, producing, editing and implementing all multimedia educational content for the Coursera MOOC “The Olympic Games and the Media“.
  • International conferences and seminars.

Olympic Studies Centre at the Autonomous University of Barcelona (CEO-UAB) | 2013 – now


PhD in Audiovisual Communication and Advertising

Autonomous University of Barcelona | 2014 – 2017

Masters degree in Audiovisual Communication and Advertising Content

Autonomous University of Barcelona | 2013 – 2014

Bachelor's degree in Journalism

Autonomous University of Barcelona | 2009 – 2013


PhD dissertation

Working papers

  • Pardo Gila, J. M. (2017). Disseminating the Olympic values on Facebook and Twitter during Rio 2016: content, influencers and engagement. Project awarded with the IOC Olympic Studies Centre PhD Students Research Grant Programme 2017.

Journal articles

Books and books chapters

  • Fernández Peña, E. & Pardo Gila, J. M. (2017). Olympic TV Rights Evolution and Management. In: C. Wacker, S. Wassong & N. Camps Y Wilant (Eds.), Olympic & Paralympic Discources / Olympische und Paralympische Diskurse (pp. 217-235). Kassel: Agon.
  • Fernández Peña, E., Ramajo, N., Cerezuela, B. & Pardo Gila, J. M. (2017). Olympic education in Spain as a multi-facet enterprise. In: R. Naul, D. Binder, A. Rychtecky & I. Culpan (Eds.), Olympic Education: An international review (pp. 265-280). London: Routledge.

Conference presentations

  • Fernández Peña, E., Ramajo, N., Pardo Gila J. M. (2018) Hooligans Groups Interactions Throughout Twittter in La Liga. 13th Global Communication Association Conference. Universidad Rey Juan Carlos. Madrid, May 17-19, 2018.

  • Fernández Peña, E., Ramajo, N, Pardo Gila, J. M. (2017). Violence in “La Liga” throughout Twitter: actors’ interactions and network analysis. 13th Conference of the European Sociological Association, (Un)Making Europe: Capitalism, Solidarities, Subjectivities. Athens, Greece, 29 August – 01 September 2017.

  • Pardo Gila, J. M. (2016). El engagement del Real Madrid CF y el FC Barcelona en Facebook: Análisis comparativo de los contenidos publicados por los clubes campeones de la UEFA Champions League 2014 y 2015. Actas del V Congreso Iberoamericano de Comunicación: Comunicación, Cultura y Cooperación. AE-IC Madrid 2016. ISBN 978-84-608-8942-7

  • Pardo Gila, J. M. (2015). The engagement on Facebook during the Youth Olympic Games of Singapore 2010, Innsbruck 2012 and Nanjing 2014: comparative analysis and participation of users from a language and gender perspective. Proceedings of the 22nd International Seminar on Olympic Studies for Postgraduate Students, published by the International Olympic Academy. Olympia, Greece, September 2015.

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